Meeting of the Mountain Science Interest Group

©Fernando Caracena 2021

This is a bit of Science Fiction that I began writing sometime ago.

An Incongruous Scene On a Mountain Top

Cameron Beaumont sat comfortably in tropical formal attire, bathed in warm infrared radiation, as he looked out the at a blizzard just a few feet away on the other side of a thick window. If he were to close his eyes, he would feel as if he were on the beach at Cancun. The air he breathed, however, was about as thin as it would be in old Denver. Yet with his eyes opened, he looked out over the cold winter scene into a much thinner atmosphere.

Cameron's interest group, on mountain studies, had reserved conference facilities on top of Mount Everest on the evening of the celebration of the new third millennium, which feature the largest, most lavish fireworks display on planet Earth. Having chosen Everest as their site for their millennial meeting ten years earlier, his group was very lucky to be granted reservations timed to coincide with the big event. He had arrived a bit early on Everest, before his interest group on mountain science was due to convene. The first event would be a mixer—cocktails set against the greatest fireworks display on the planet.

Cameron lost in thought mused about his trip to the mountain top. Before landing, he had hovered his craft over the Earth's highest mountain, studying it and taking pictures for several minutes before landing. Now about a half hour before the meeting, he sat in a deep overstuffed chair looking out the thick window at the raging snow storm on Everest. Cam's recent flight from Colorado had filled his mind with images that lingered in his mind's eye.

------To be continued.--------------------------------------------------

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