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History and browser issues

In the post called "Writing a Blog", I describe how I got into writing this blog, and some of the challenges that I overcame in doing that. Incidentally, the blog seems to load up fast on most systems and looks good on Firefox and Chrome, even Opera, but apparently, some people claim that they experience problem's using the Gates's offering. Trying to get the blog to load up just right every browser seems to me to be a will-o'-the-wisp. I am not concerned with keeping up with platforms built on shifting sand. If the browser that you are using does not load my web page correctly, just use another browser.

About questions and comments

Although I welcome genuine comments, I do not promise to answer all of them. I will tend to answer in a generic way, if I find a comment that is to-the-point and interesting. What I offer in these blogs is a discussion involving physics, philosophy and occasionally spirituality. I do not offer direct advice on how to write a blog, what blogging software to use, or what companies are the best hosts. I dealt with those details fast and moved ahead without keeping notes. I hacked my way through the whole process. I am just not interested in that aspect of writing a blog. The software that I have used to compose this blog is WordPress, but the theme is adapted to be my own. The picture that is presented as part of the masthead is my own, taken locally.

An open journal

What I present here is really some kind of open journal—a sort of stream of consciousness. I allow the public to look over my shoulder, and even make comments. I do not like spam. I give it the fast flush. I do the same for brain-dead comments. I do not write using some kind of AI software that spins ideas, and would be a waste of time for an intelligent reader. So far, I do not sell anything out of this web site. If I ever do, it will be by a very indirect means, say through sales of suggested reading through book stores operated by other people. Or perhaps, through the sale of my own e-books. I also use the donations button to see if there is any real interest in what I write. I am busy and my time is very important to me, so that I will avoid wasting it.

KISS philosophy

My operating philosophy here is to keep it simple and stupid. That is, I do not make the work of keeping the blog any effort. I just want to get my ideas down in print. I am fairly busy and do not have the time nor the inclination to keep up with a lot of small tasks and details.

As I think of new things about the blog, or want to answer some readers' questions, I intend to append more material to this post.


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