Filtering out Truth from False Information

The Vital Importance of Information

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As mentioned in a previous post in 2014, "The Human Race May be Self-destructing by Cutting off the Flow of Information",  information is the lifeblood of modern life. Wealth and well-being depend on having access to a timely flow of information. I remember when as a young man, I would buy the Sunday addition, of a major metropolitan news paper that had the motto, "All the information that is fit to print." Sad to say, that newspaper has been bought up by a fat cat foreigner, resulting in a slight change in the motto where 'fit' has turned to 'sh*t'.  Many news sources unfortunately have followed suite.

If you watch the main-stream news (MSN), you are looking at a lot of misinformation and propaganda that is bad for your well-being. Still, some truth does leak out  between the cracks in the tissue of lies; but to see it, you have to be fairly intelligent. Since about half the people are below average intelligent, the MSN do not have to try very hard to fool at least half the population. They tell the most outrageous lies. Even threats of law suites do not stop them. Apparently, loss of viewership and profits does not discourage them either. How did the MSM get so corrupt?

Using a bit of blue screen wizardry and stock footage, the MSN found that they could save on having real reporters. They made up the news in much the same way that movies have been made in Hollywood. In addition, using digital processing the MSM can perhaps increase the fraction of viewers fooled by transparent lies to over 50%. But to do this, they must grab eyeballs from everywhere they can. So we see the ubiquitous big screen sponsored by MSM at almost all public spaces where their broadcasts are virtually ignored by the public.

Unfortunately , enough of the public actually view MSN broadcasts, that there is a fog of uncertainty spread over the information landscape. We must beware of current public opinion fostered by the MSM talking heads. The only true sources of information for the average person is from a friend that is highly intelligence, who is trustworthy and has a passion for ferreting out the truth. Establishing the trustworthiness of the source of information and analysis is therefore of vital importance to the average person. For beware, there is a lot of misinformation also released by malevolent sources to hid the truth that they want to keep secret.

Here are a few links where you can find some interesting, informative analysis of the current events: Gerald Celente, who analyzes current trends; Stefan Molyneux, a philosopher turned commentator, presents many interesting points of view; Richard Stallman, who is behind the free software movement and GNU;  Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who worked for the CIA and has wise advice for POTUSDr. Michael Savage often has many interesting things to say; and,  I often scan the Drudge Report headlines for current news

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