Let's Return to Eden

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I happened run across a Ted Talk by David Wengrow, a British anthropologist-archaeologist who tells us that everything his cohorts have told us about ancient man and civilization is wrong. The archaeological evidence simply contradicts their leading theories of the origins of civilization. If it is to be a true science, archaeo-anthropologists need to come up with new theories that are consistent with their data base.

The new data support a much more peaceful picture of the origin of civilization that is more in harmony with the allegorical picture of it presented in Genesis.

Look at this and think about what you see here. Do you want to know the truth, or just the unsubstantiated and fact-contradicted stories that 'experts' in the field care to feed you? Stay in contact with these web pages send me input. Do you want me to research and uncover links that will answer your own question?

Graham Hancock's books have lead the way to the new archaeological finds. My attention was drawn some time ago to his book, Finger prints of the Gods, which had drawn a bitter attack from the professional archaeological community. He contradicted their cherished notions, yet the observations that he sited were there to be explored qand would not go away. His critics, not being able to cantradict him over the facts, resorted to ad hominem attacks, which is a sure sign a of defeat in a logical argument.

Listen what Graham Hancock has to say on an interview with Joe Rogan.

Another source of information is Barry Fell's America BC.

A stil further source of informarion is Kennewick Man.

Also evidence which is consistant with that of the Kennewick Man is dicussed at the following website.

Check out the above information I tell me what you think. Let us see what the observational evidence tells us.

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