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by Fernando Carcena, III ©Fernando Caracena 2023

From time to time on the way to the weather report I watch a bit of conventional news on TV, Main Stream News (MSN), but that is not where I get my news. Real information is an area that the person who wants to know what is really going on must do his own digging. Here it is essential to be really skeptical. I have added a few links below for inquiring minds. Compare what they report and see if there is something there for you that makes sense. I am a proponent of the importance of everybody thinking for themselves, and conducting their lives their own way as long as they do not infringe on the lives of others in a negative way. There is a clear dichotomy between good and evil.

First, one should remain sane in an insane world. Choose your sources of relaxation well. I like good music, I like to listen to music composed by Bach. There is the Bachstiftung (Tr: Bach Factory), which features Bach Cantatas. There is also the Netherlands Bach Society that features all kinds of Bach Music. But I am not all Bach, I like Mozart as well. Try listening to Mozart: Sonata for Two Pianos in D, KV 448 played by Lucas & Arthur Jussen. We played this piece for our grandson as part of his home schooling. This Mozart Sonata is reputed to raise the IQ of children that listen to it. I am also not exclusively into classical music. For example, here is a song sung by Frank Sinatra that is almost a family theme song, My Way. I also like opera, because my maternal grandparents were opera fans and I visited them Saturdays, which were their opera days. I liked the Three Tenor Concerts. My music tastes are eclectic. Basically, I like authenticity. I grew up in a Country Music part of the land, so I like that too, for example Merle Travis's Sixteen Tons.

Printed books are a great source of information. I sometimes go to a used book store, where I can get some good material to read. Electronic books are not really yours, nor are they fixed points of reference. An electronic book exists on a distant server and the digital device that lets you read it is an appliance. The company that has the digital source can cut you off your access to the book at anytime, for any reason. Further, they can keep changing the book at any time, in that way rewriting history. If you keep a digital library, you are building on sand.

A list of some news sources that you may want to consider:

The REAL David Knight Show


Cliff High

Cathrine Austin Fitts, wherever you can, such as here.

Gerald Celente

Greg Mannarino

I suggest that if you rely on MSN for news, compare what is available above with your favorite news media. How does this all stack up?

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