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Here are some random links for weather freaks (of which I am one.) The last link is to a blog of a friend from NOAA who also is well known in storm chase circles.

          The Joint Airport Weather Studies project proved the existence of microbursts.

           Some history of Microburst research.

The UCAR weather page is a good site for weather enthusiasts to look.

Here is a comment from a reader (07-16-2018):

I just wanted to reach out and send quick a note to say hi and to say thanks. I'm helping out with a STEM Juniors club with a bunch of middle-schoolers and to start summer we're studying meteorology which is a blast! We built our own "weather station" using things like paper cups & pencils to make an anemometer and a weather vane. One mentee in particular has been super helpful since they're a self-proclaimed "weather geek", superstar seventh grader Noah! Since he's so serious we're doing some extra research which is how we found you here,'s been tough finding non-spammy sites that I feel comfortable letting him use so thank you

We've tried to find some info about spotting and taking down observations so you gave us some great ideas to get the ball rolling. To return the favor we thought we could share some of our other favorites like this article about storm spotting he found: hopefully you like it too. We thought it would be a good contribution to your page- would you consider adding it for me? I would love to show him that it's cool to love meteorology and science! If you have any tips please feel free to share with us but only if it's no trouble. I don't want to be a bother sorry for rambling! Again we're so grateful and excited about this connection :o) take care Thanks again, Kathy (and Noah)

Severe Storms

Video of Severe Storms with Hail by Storm Chasers

(Or, the great thing about Oklahoma.)

Often left out of the discussion of Severe Weather are microbursts, which are severe thrunderstorm downdrafts. Here is a video compilation of microbursts. Her is another video taken by folks in Lacey Washington. Several decades ago, a series of airline crashes happened when in the process of takeoff or landing, the airliner encountered a microburst. A microburst is a brief moment of hurricane-like weather, but it clears up within minutes. Some of the damage associated with a tornado is inflicted by microbursts that form to one side of the tornado.

The above videos show the two types of weather extremes that produce microbursts: the dry environment, where the little kids are playing in the wind; and the water loaded microbursts which come down with buckets of rain, or even hail.

Other Weather links suggested by readers:

The latest suggested (01 March 2019) are by Mr. Tomi Cook.


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