Keeping it Together

© Fernando Caracena, 2022

There are the opposite conditions, coherence and incoherence that have profound effects. We actually experience these conditions in our lives as states of positive thoughts and emotions in contrast to those of negative thoughts, respectively.

In physiology, people measuring the electrical activities of heart and brain have discovered that these organs generate waves of electrical activities that can be recorded outside the body.

Heart and brain waves can cohere in persons that are in states of love, happiness and calm and are incoherent in people who are agitated, angry, and in negative states of emotion. Groups of people joined in happy pursuits manifest states of shared happiness as a coherent entrainment of their heart and brain activities. Thinking of this group effect as sound, you could say that their shared heart-brain activity forms a choir. Indeed, a musician is studying these waves as sounds to reach new musical heights.

At Georgia Tech's Center for Music Technology, Grace Leslie and a team of researchers are exploring ways of converting biorhythms into music and vice versa to improve musical response. A musician, Grace has concerned herself with adjusting her emotional and physical state to create just the right effects in her performances. All this recalls the songs of the whales.

I find in the description of someone' s life changing near death experience in terms of the deep states of love that he felt a a strong bringing of his life into a deep coherence. Love that is there ready to flood our lives with happiness manifests itself as states of deep coherence even in our physical bodies.

I think that the love of life and sharing it with others in useful actions is happiness. There is a place on earth where a whole country is striving toward that goal. They find this task quite a challenge when invaded by others who are striving for money, power, and material things.

I think that in these thoughts about coherence being related to love, happiness, music, peace there is a path to be followed by the human race. Let us unite our hearts and minds on those universal goals.

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