OK, That's It, Time to make the Morons Heel

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What the hell is the purpose of government?

This is a question that should be on everybody's mind now as we stand at the precipice of thermonuclear war. The USA won the Cold War; but now we see that it has lost the peace. Pay close attention everyone; Russia threatens nuclear war as The West [i.e., NATO] helps Ukraine. If we do enter a nuclear war then we cannot ever get back to any semblance of civilization for many lifetimes. How many thousands of people can survive a nuclear holocaust? Can anybody survive at all? If someone survives the explosions and the radioactive fall out, can they survive the Mad Max episodes, effects of Nuclear Winter, mass extinctions, and starvation?

After a thermonuclear war, nobody will remember what petty squabble led to the total destruction of civilization, mass extinction of species, and a shift in climate to icy death. How can a human species reset to back beyond the old stone age cope with a cold sterility?

MAD Policy

We are now the inheritors of a MAD [Mutually Assured Destruction] foreign policy. The idea was to stockpile weapons of mass destruction on such a scale that nobody would be crazy enough to use them. Russia and the US have a huge pile of them. China has joined the club. These weapons represent an overkill of humanity and their number and capability is pushed exponentially higher in a MAD rush. We visited the threat of such effort in the popular Science fiction episode called Warhead. Such a weapon is now manifest in the form of a smart torpedo bomb developed by Russia. It is called the Poseidon submarine drone. We do not know what daunting the US has developed because of the tight lid of secrecy. Considering the amount of black budget funds spent on weapons research, you can be sure that we have some awful stuff in our MAD war chest.

The Worthless Rag and The Nuclear Hostage Situation

Meanwhile, the news media engages in a stupid policy of control of the flow of ignorance and focuses on the wrong aspect of the problem at humanity's throat. It's not rocket science guys. Anybody can see the problem. Take the blinders off, and there it is standing clear in broad daylight. Basically, the egotistical morons have their hand on the nuclear trigger and they hold all of humanity hostage. Experience police have accumulated in handling hostage situations can be applied here. The Justice Department has compiled and published this advice. A sage piece of advise given is the following:

Hostage situations take many forms. In addressing them, the police should make the saving of lives the overriding principle.

Ask yourself the question, has any government body expressed the idea that the saving of lives is the overriding principle? Where is the sanity and maturity left in humanity to do this? The whole world seems to be in the control of comic book villains. Are any adults of sound mind left to do the hostage negotiations? I think that the answer is yes; but these people have not had time for the nonsense spewed out by the comic book figures. They have been busy with the reality of making a living and making the world a better place to live for their fellow humans. These people have been dealing with reality. But now, as the existential threat to humanity is raised by the morons in charge, the competent people must pause in their worthwhile efforts and move to save humanity from a nuclear hostage situation.

The above quoted publication breaks down the category of hostage-takers into three groups which I describe here:

  1. Professional criminals are the easiest for police to handle.
  2. Psychotics are unpredictable and require the involvement of psychologists or psychiatrists.
  3. Terrorist groups are the most difficult to handle because they are fanatical, driven by ideology and have the skill to use tactics promoting their causes.

Unfortunately, the current nuclear hijacking of humanity is presented by a f-cluster of the three above categories.

The response of humanity that we see now is insufficient to save us from the looming nuclear disaster. We have become atomized and in that form we cannot oppose the threat to humanity. The natural flight-or-flight response in those who can, is taking the form of survivalism. Unfortunately, the effects of a nuclear MAD will reach into anybody's survival sanctuary. Only if we can escape with Elon to Mars before the mushroom clouds begin to sprout, can we find a real survival sanctuary.

What we need to invent then is a mechanism to establish peace stronger than what is exists now to bring wayward governments to heal. The use of force is like firing the first shot in a hostage situation. It won't work. Some people thought that a United Nations organization would meet that need. In retrospect and for a number of reasons, that just won't work. And of course, we can see that groups of governments have not been able to do the trick. That organization has become a gathering of morons who want to stuff the world into an idiocracy.

The Doomsday Clock stopped in 2020 at 100 sec to midnight. People are reluctant to update it. As of January 2022 they still have it at 100 sec., yet clearly the threat has advanced closer to midnight as the Russian bear cornered by NATO has threatened out loud to retaliate with nukes.

The present existential threat to humanity requires us to invent a new way to restore sanity to a world gone MAD. Anybody have any ideas? If you do let me know. I want people to put their minds together and solve this problem.

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