The Usefulness of the Internet is being demolished.

© Fernando Caracena, 2022

At its start, I thought what a great tool this Internet thing is. It and e-mail gave the talented individual a global reach. It boosted my ability to transmit expert scientific advice and software to various outfits nationally and internationally.

I was invited to talk to high level management groups and give research advice to distant research groups. The free, uncensored Internet had enhanced my performance level at NOAA. I had planned never to retire from there having a so much fun finding new and interesting problems that were a big hit outside NOAA.

This kind of outreach was what we were supposed to do. After all, given free reign as scientists, we were still public servants. I felt that I should make an effort to tell the public what we were doing. This I did through my own NOAA web-page. But nothing lasts forever. The rising tide of bureaucratic overload and and managers trying to assert their control over me assigning me research that was no longer mine finally made me realize that it was not fun anymore. And I was grossly underpai This kind of outreach was what we were supposed to do. After all, given free reign as scientists, we were public servants. But nothing lasts forever. So i took the first opportunity to get a retirement bonus and get out of the hell hole.

After leaving NOAA, I did some consulting work I thought that it would be fun to gyve back something of value to the public. My target was a bright kid that perhaps I could encourage to think deeply about eternal areas of mental quests such as: philosophy, mathematics, spirituality--mental quests that extend from natural science to the transcendental spiritual that has been revealed through specially gifted individuals. Applied to life it gives one great satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness in this life. In many religions this continues after the death of the body in an eternal state called heaven.

Finally, I find that doing this blog is no longer fun. The only feedback that I get is from my family and friends. These comments I know come from real people. Other comments look to me like clumsy, computer-generated cyber crap from bots operated by the deep state.. The bot operation is an insult given me by the Fed-Gov. A double insult is that in doing this to exert some kind of control they waste our tax 'contributions'. One happy thought is that at least the money was not spent on bombs and mayhem but rather, injecting noise into the information super highway.

I know that my above rant sounds paranoid. What I am tying to say is that deep state efforts in cyber space look to me like they are trying to muddy the water of a great communication tool that was once crystal clear. If I do not see evidence that someone reads and thinks about what I have written and agrees or disagrees with what I say in civil commentary. Then it is curtains. I will eliminate all posts and reduce this site to advertise and use in my consulting.

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