Universal Dumbing Down

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A modern development of physics is that every material thing is made of information and energy. Information is the structure and energy, the substance of physical objects. In this realization, physics has proved itself to be natural philosophy. Originally physicist thought of matter as substance and energy a property of matter. Information did not enter into these concepts. But the advent of quantum physics brought the concept of information into the center of physical conscious. Even today, there is a lively discussion among physicists about how they should view these concepts.

Information is Essential to Modern life

Likewise, information plays an important role in human activity. Information is the structuring principle in large scale human actions. Without information, human action dissipates into meaninglessness. Therefore accurate information is not only necessary, but it is vital to the functioning of the human economy on a planetary scale.

Are we slipping back into Dark Ages II ?

From most of my life, I was enthusiastic about the development of Science and Technology; but now, I think that the human race may be drunk with it and that it may have been better when things were slower. Sure, it is nice to be able to publish my thoughts rapidly and disseminate them widely trough new technology. But what good does it do to do so, if the reading audience has a diminishing capacity to appreciate ideas? With time, the human race appears to be developing a diminished capacity to engage in critical thought. We must be able to see things clearly to be able to choose what is good for ourselves, others and for the rest of humanity.

One Major Criticism of Current Culture--Censorship

Maybe because of too rapid advance, something of major value has has been lost in the transition from old print media to digital communication. Perhaps digital words are girls of easy virtue. We have lost respect for them. As a result, our perception of truth has become a casualty of technological advance. The new captains of industry have enjoyed almost instant success. Fortunate to be in the right place at the right time, they caught a tidal wave of development and were rewarded in gargantuan proportions to their efforts and abilities by the new technology. One would have thought that the sheer magnitude of their windfall would have inspired them to give back generously to the human race. Perhaps that may have been the inspiration behind offering online resources so generously to others. The other people that were allowed to share in the information media start-ups also prospered. Whatever the initial motive of these benefactors, the outcome benefited all involved. Whole new dimensions to the economy were created. Unfortunately, this spirit of generosity did not prevail. Greed is destroying the dream of universal prosperity, success, and human advancement--happiness as well.

Having enjoyed great success in the applications of digital technology by being in the right place at the right time, the benefactors of change began looking at themselves as the elite. Losing a vision of how to really help humanity, they took on a role as gate keepers of society. They concerned themselves with reshaping humanity for its own sake. What shoud humans think? What should they see? Should they be allowed to reproduce freely like fruit flies in a bottle. Suddenly, nebishes thought of themselves as protectors of the earth and managers of the human race. Unfortunately, modern digital media allows the inexpensive transfer of vast quantities of information across the entire globe from person to person. That raised the question in higher brandy snifting circles of how much access to allow the masses to critical information.

Access to information has served as a means of separating the 'elites' from the common people. The sudden advance of information technology has allowed a large mass to suddenly enter the ranks of the 'elite'. The Spanish Philosopher, Ortega y Gasett would no doubt consider this as an example of the vertical invasion of the barbarians.

What are the characteristics of a barbarian invasion? Consider on of the later ones, the Viking invasion of Northern Europe. Their favorite prey were the monasteries, because of their concentration of undefended wealth. Their wealth was on several levels. They contained libraries of the classical knowledge of Europe--treasures of the mind and spirit. These libraries contained beautifully illuminated, hand written manuscripts in leather bindings. More outwardly visible were the jewels encrusting the leather bindings , which the barbarians pried out for their personal decoration. The books were tossed into the flames that burned down the buildings.

Reactions to Heavy Handed Management of Information Sources

So, how is the vertical invasion of the barbarians proceeding? You keep the score; but an important trend that has resulted from the heavy handed mistreatment of the clients of the original high tech media are migrations to new platforms that are more human. This is one hopeful sign for the future.

Stephan Molyneux was kicked off a popular video delivery system. But, he has come back swinging hard on an alternative site.

Poor Matt was kicked off the same platform for talking about 9/11. He writes about opening up his own site. Meanwhile, there are a number of free sites that he could relocate to.

Brain Rose transferred London Real on the popular video delivery system to his own platform. His site was kicked off that delivery system because he hosted David Icke and they discussed the alleged pandemic. He talks about starting his own web site on Alex Jones banned videos. Alex Jones was another popular new commentator who was banned off the same medium for comments that went against the current propaganda grain. As a result, he developed his own successful web site.

Not waiting to be flushed from the dump happy platform, Joe Rogan jumped from that platform another commercial one, which paid him handsomely under contract. Further, he moved out of the high tax state of California to to Austin, Texas, which itself has been Californicating at a rapid pace.

Edward Snowden had to exile himself because his whistle blowing about the illegal surveillance of Americans through their phones was about to be silenced and he was about to be jailed, as Julian Assange was. Despite talk of presidential pardons for both, this talk so far has proved to be empty rhetoric.

G Edward Griffon founder of Freedom Force International is also the founder of The Red Pill University, which makes much information available that counters that of the mainstream news media.

Greg Hunter operates USAWatchDog.com, which is an alternative news source that has a financial perspective. Hunter formerly worked for CNN.

Professor Richard Wolfe, an economist, takes a Marxist perspective, but from a democratic point of view in his discussions of economic issues.

Gerald Celente runs the Trends Journal, which is an outspoken advocate of human freedom.

Ron Paul has also started his own web site where he gives extensive commentary on the news from a conservative perspective.

Banned.video has been inspired to counter the wave of censorship of the high tech media by featuring such controversial videos on its own site.

Brigteon is a competitor for the famous over reaching video site that heavily censuring many of its former clients. if you want touse your freedom more freely in your posts, try Brighteon.com.

Finally, there is a new social network that respects the freedom of individuals and their privacy. Gab is the name of the site.

The human brain has been shrinking over the last ten thousand years.

Professor Noam Chomsky is concerned for the survivebility of humanity.

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