Arrows of Longing

© Fernando Caracena, 2018

Brief Biography of Stephanie

Stephanie was born on an All Saint's day--appropriately whitened by a skiff of snow. She was our first born--a special child, as our life's experience with her would reveal. She was born a natural way, without drugs, by the Husband-Coached Childbirth method or The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth. In the nursery, while other new born infants slept, Stephanie was wide awake, looking around and studying her environment.

She was a child that felt differently about everything. My mother, Minnie, said, "Be glad because that is a sign that she is so intelligent." Her other grandmother, Stella Rich, said, "Stephanie has an amazingly large vocabulary for a child." As soon as she learned how to write, she wrote in a series of journals. She also became a vegetarian early in her life. Later she became vegan, and finally a raw foodist. She went to Indonesia to learn yoga and to become a yoga instructor. She came back to Boulder to start an informal, secular church, with her former husband Patrick, which they called "The Chocolate Church."

Stephanie died on the afternoon of  11 Jun 2007 at a Mt. Shasta resort, called Harbin Hot Springs. She loved to soak in hot springs, and in this case, she chose the hottest of the pools. Suddenly out of nowhere, she went into cardiac arrest. Three physicians that were also in the pool performed CPR on her. At one time the color began to return to her face, but shortly there after she relaxed and died with a serene expression on her face.

Arrows of Longing

by Stephanie Caracena (1970-2007)

Blue forever skies so vast I can see through the back of my head and up through the soles of my feet.

Inspired I write.

I feel as if everyone's my friend.

God, your spirit so majestic it fills all creation mystically!

I am your alchemical angel

by your grace and mercy I am safe in your vision for me

I feel you at work in my cells.

All of your being uniting to create a new body

Rainbow celestial light, I am yours!


I long to eat fruit with you

share the taste of this season

my life

My skin aglow, a radar

You whisper that I effervesce with radiance and joy

and like sunrise, I do.

So long, American western civilization collection

of modernized mantras on success and accomplishment!

All things are possible!

Still beautiful

bountiful peace

I weave a golden and righteous blanket with your word.

The power behind which is potent

The same force that built the Pyramids @ Giza,

the mosques in Morocco,

the City of Atlantis,

and my soon to be manifest palace in the stars!

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