Science is a Methodology not an Oracle

©Fernando Caracena 2019

The previous post on "Consciousness and Quantum Physics" illustrated how Einstein advanced quantum theory by trying to find flaws in it and thereby falsify it. He found a spooky action at a distance that appeared to defy his idea of causality, which to many seemed correct: that the effects of any action should have a a time delay at a distance allowing for for the propagation of the effects of that action at, or less than the speed of light. One feature of quantum theory is that it allowed entangled states between particles, which would communicate instantly the effects of a measurement of properties of one of a pair of entangled particles to the other. It has turned out that there is indeed this type of non-local connection between entangled particles as verified by experiment. Quantum effects are really weird!

Scientists conduct themselves in a way that allows science to continue to advance. Controversy, not consensus is the driver of the advancement of science. Unfortunately today, we are overly politicized and consensus is emphasized over controversy in doing science. This is intellectual poison to the search for truth.

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