February 2024

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01 Below is a satelite image from NESDIS that shows the weather situation over much of the

Air Mass - RGB based on data from IR & water vapor - 01 Feb 2024 - 1201 UTC
Fig. 1 A satellite view of the Southwest and part of the inland Western USA overlain with a composite of various satellite image components depicting atmospheric water content. From NESDIS.

Local forecasters are calling for a high of 62 today ahead of a snow storm, which is moving over the mountains. There the forecast is for snow accumulating for foot amounts. Conditions here are marginal for snow, so rain mixed with snow is expected.

I am trying a new format for my posts. Over several days in a month, I will add material. Readers can react and ask questions, or mak suggestions.

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02 Yesterday the temperature rose into the lower sixties. At 11:00 it was 43 F. A storm moving into the area is expected to drop a foo to foot and a half amounts of snow in the mountains. It looks like good skiing. Here, we have an overcast of high clouds. We will straddle the line between rain and snow. It depends somewhat on the precipitation rate. A lot of the precipitation that falls here begins in the clouds as ice: snow flakes, snow pellets (graupel), and hail. On a warm enough day, all ice particles melt befor reaching the ground. On a cold day that is above freezing, the ice particles melting chill the air below the freezing level. As they fall, the melting ice particles extend the freezing level downward, so that as more precipitation falls, the freezing level keeps approaching the ground. The question of whether it will snow on marginal days then depends on the precipitation rate. We will either see light rain and perhaps a snow flurry at the end of the storm, or heavy rain turning into snow. The amount of snowfall then depends on the precipitation rate and the duration of the storm.

Right now we have an overcast of high clouds. It is cool and calm but not freezing.

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03 Last night, the temperature was 43 F s as dark alto cumulus layer of clouds move in. The whole sky became overcast and at close to midnight, it began to rain. This morning the temperature was 40 F and raining. By 11:00 MST, the temperature had dropped to 36 F as it began to snow. Now it is calm and the snow flakes are falling fast, perhaps because they are partially melted. About an inch of snow has accumulated on the ground, which has been warmed by past days of fair weather.

A free university level physics text book is available on line. You can download it as a PDF file.

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Until Eagle's right shoulder heals, he is just a regular disc golf guy. He is using his left arm, which brings him down from the stars. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

06 I read Clif High's post about 'Deep Fear!' He says among other worries that "What is really frightening to these military fellows, is what is coming, that is, the release of Zero Point Technology into the public sector." Perhaps all those junk electronic cars will be activated by ubiquitous sources of Zero Point Energy (ZPE) itself. A small ZPE capture device in an electronic car makes it a vehicle that can run indefinitely without batteries or need of charging statements. Perhaps, individual will build their own flying saucers that can fly them anywhere. Star Trek ,ay start to look more like prophesy than science fiction.

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08 Today we will melt snow in Boulder. Don't worry, plenty will remain in the high country to the end of the cold season, which is sometimes around the Fourth of July. That is the name of a trailhead that opens up on that date. There is plenty of skiing left to do up there.

El Niño continues but according to Weather.com it is weakening:

El Niño is likely to fade this spring and its counterpart, La Niña, could be ahead for this hurricane season. This change could mean more active severe weather and hurricane seasons are ahead.

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10 A light snow dust falls from a completely overcast sky, The temperature in the mid 30s is down more than 10 F from yesterday when bright sun and a warmer day could not melt the old crusty snow. Outside a winter scene remains, which is typical and seasonal for Colorado.

One source of news and commentary that I g to online is the David Knight show. Yesterday's web-cast featured an interview with Gerald Celente, editor of the Trends Journal. It was way back that I stopped watching conventional news sources. That was a waste of time because conventional news sources does not report that they do not want US citizens to know about. They are also propaganda machines--they tell big fibs. For example, farmers a staging big protests against their central governments by spraying their buildings with manure. If you want to know what is really going on in the world you need to be aggressive in finding unconventional news sources that will fill in the significant gaps left of out the conventional news. There is so little reality left in the latter news source that it is not worth wasting one's time on.

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