Stirred up Riots

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I noticed that there is a common theme running through riots and protests around the globe. A local issue becomes the basis of a major riot. The question that comes to mind is: how can people get so worked up over such a small issue? A least that wonderment is what comes from explanations by talking heads. Later news feeds clean up the riots so that they seem to be peaceful protests. The impression I get from all this is that governments are on the verge of not being able to control popular dissatisfaction with government from boiling over. WEF beware, remember Musolini!

Madrid Riots

Paris Riots

Hamad Riots , 2nd Ref

Wimpy Trump Riot

Vandalism as Protest

Tucker Carlson in Spain

Tucker Carlson interview

Spanish politics are important to follow, because Spain is a bellweather nation that gives us insights into what is to be a common response to the current global political scene.

In Argentina, the citizens have had enough they elected a new president (2nd ref.) that wants to throw the leftards into the fire and brimstone.

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