The Carbon Dioxide Naradigm

Cliff High introduced us to the word. Basically the word "Naradigm" means to base a whole policy of operation on a story line that is not proven nor perhaps, dis-proven. Rather than producing rational behavior, it is a rationalization of behavior that may seem quite silly without some story line. The Carbon Dioxide Naradigm is a big one that causes a huge distortion in human actions all over the world.

Just think, the earth has survived as a planet for about 4.5 billion years and life began on it about 3.8 billion years ago. There is no evidence that the earth's climate is in a very unstable balance, which from the slightest push from human engineering could displace to that of Mars or Venus. There have been extremes in the earth's climate, but not that extreme. However, airheads who want to take over all your earthly resources and micromanage your life have created the naradigm that in putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, we humans are drive our climate to a heat death and collapse of the whole ecosystem.

The global heating naradigm is one that must be continually patched up in the face of mounting evidence against it. There are several naradigms floating about lately that are raising a giant pimple on the face of human activities. Under these narratives some money and power elements of our society are getting the population to do extremely stupid things, which if done in a big way would be an existential threat to all people.

I have discussed some aspects of this issue about three years ago in a post entitled, Go to the Stars or to Oblivion. The main block preventing us from reaching the stars was identified by Pogo, us. The mass of humanity is following the wrong ideas, which are naradigms invented by flimflam artists.

The first issue is that the level of per capita power usage is a measure of the level of civilization. The Kardashev Scale rates the variety of the types of civilizations in the universe in terms of the amount of energy they can process. This makes sense, because the more energy a system processes, the more novelty it can produce. We humans need more than the material means of survival. Our minds also require sustenance. The food for our minds is the variety of experiences.

The Carbon Dioxide Naradigm was originally pushed by a couple of blokes who are prospering by taxing the world (carbon tax) in what looks to me like a giant flimflam scheme. Their firm, called Blood and Gore, which gains from carbon tax has had a destructive effect on world commerce. In the name of lowering carbon footprints, it has motivated a great waste of human energy resources and other forms of capital. Instead of the carbon tax, it is my opinion that we would be better off by just handing this pair a huge wad of money to just shut up and go away.

The whole naradigm of carbon dioxide' s causing global warming was sold as having a consensus of scientific approval. This is just not true. There were scientists that spoke out against this naradigm, and the criticism has continued. For example , a few months ago Climatologist Dr. Judith Curry testified that the Man Made Climate Change Theory Is a Hoax. Continuing studies show that if there is any global warming happening from the accumulation of atmospheric carbon dioxide, it is occurring at an infinitesimal rate, which is within the range of measurement error. Further, there is a better theory of how the mass of atmosphere controls the average surface temperature of a planet. See, Planetary Warming: Back to Basics.

Yet in the face of accumulating evidence against carbon dioxide's having a major effect on climate change that naradigm keeps getting pushed by talking airheads and many people are kept in the state of fear, which allows flimflam artists to work the global population in money making schemes for themselves that will push back the level of civilization toward the stone age. But even at that level of civilization they would have the knuckle draggers eat their meat raw and shiver in the cold to keep the climate on a steady course.

The climate change naradigm has become a state-sponsored religion, which is in violation of the Constitution. Its orthodoxy would prohibit any doubts or competing heretical beliefs. Shades of the Spanish Inquisition, the practitioners of this religion and its high priests are calling for the death penalty for deniers.

18 November 2023:

Meanwhile, scientists are speaking up and contradicting the CO2 naradigm, . For example, John Stossel interviews Climateologist, Judith Currry. In the long run, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration depends on geologic processes. Against the millennia man's effort to control carbon dioxide will look like their trying to control sea level using a tea spoon.

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