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I have a number of competing demands for my attention. In order to make the best use of my time and best address public interests, I have put a donate button on my posts. So far, the button is only for PaypalTM . The purpose of the donate button is to gauge the level of interest in the various articles that I write. Originally, I set up this blog site simply to share some of my interests and observations with whomever might benefit with what I have to share. My interests are eclectic and far ranging. I find that they are also out of synch with the contemporary public interests. I am interested in doing a variety of things and writing about them. People are generally more interested in watching videos. I also like to watch a variety of videos; but, I like to read books as well. Perhaps, putting out a vlog would serve the public interests better. But a vlog goes in a different direction than I have set out.

I find that the Internet is filled with information, a lot of it unstructured. There is enough free information there to allow any sufficiently motivated person to acquire the knowledge equivalent to an advanced, university degree on almost any subject. But, if someone wants to learn about particular subject in detail, that person can spend a lot of time researching the subject, perhaps going around in circles and making little progress. What I have tried to do in this blog is to provide guidance, with hyperlinks to information sources, to do a particular study. This is the type of help that a person pays big money to get at a university. I think that in the future, people may be using a lot of self directed study to find information that they require. In that case, a good source of online guidance can be an invaluable guide to get them through the tangled jungle of information out there.

A question to ponder is, other than certification, "Is College Worth It?" Watch what Tom Woods and Stefan Molyneux have to say about that subject in this video (hint, click on the underlined text to follow the hyperlink). Watch this video, then if you wish, write me a comment about it. I am interested on your response to this video.


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