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11, 000 Truckers are on the way to Ottawa to protest over an over-restrictive government. They are demanding the kinds of freedoms for Canadians listed in our own Bill of Rights. There is strong public support for this movement as anyone can see from the above hyper-linked video. Crowds are gathered in Arctic freezing weather cheering the truckers on. According to MSN The "Freedom Convoy ... has raised over $5.2 million Canadian dollars."

David Knight has a great perspective on the Freedom Convoy of the Canadian truckers.

Cliff High has another perspective which raises this event to a much more important level. in his discussion entitled "Roi Woo". In that referenced video he is discussing the maximizing the return for our investment of limited life energy. We all have have limited time. What efforts that we invest will bring the most return in satisfaction for a portion of our limited life invested? His answer is that the most return on investment (ROI) is in what we do in the way of self education and the skills that we acquire as a result. In short, our best investment in time is in learning how we can do more things that are useful. I would say that being more useful makes us a better resource not only to ourselves, but to others.

The Truckers Convoy is a protest against a government that is restricting their ability to be useful to society and themselves. In doing so, they recognize in their demands that the issue is basic human liberty. Note that the difference between liberty and licence is defined by the Golden Rule and what was a part of the Hippocratic Oath that is sometimes summarized as, "I will do no harm."

As of yet, there is no earthly power that can stop us from self-educating and thereby, increasing our usefulness in society.

Below are added supplementary links for February 2000.

An the Freedom Convoy continues to arrive in Ottawa, view the event in real time in this live stream video.

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